8ft Gap Riveter on Mikado firebox shell
1000 ton Hydraulic Press & 400 ton in background & Oil Fired Plate Furnace
Battery of Asquith Radial Drills, No 2 Boiler Shop
Punch & Shearing Machine, No 2 Boiler Shop
Plate Edge Planer, No 2 Boiler Shop
Heavy Duty Multiple Drill on Boiler Tube Plates, No 2 Boiler Shop
26ft Gap Riveter, 125, 83 & 42 tons pressure
Tube Boiler Storage Rack & Traverser
Ryerson Flue Cleaning Machine, Tube & Bolt Shop
Three-Throw Hydraulic Pump, 1500 lbs/square inch pressure
Hydraulic Accumulator, 16" Dia x 16'7" Stroke
Smith Shop, North End
Davis & Primrose Steam Hammer, Forging a Mikado Connecting Rod
30 cwt, 15 cwt & 7 cwt Electrically Operated Drop Hammers, Blacksmith's Shop
Blacksmith's Shop with Spring Shop in foreground
Bar Cutting-off Machine with capacity of 10" square bars
Iron Foundry
42" Cupolas with 6 tons/hr capacity each
Cupolas Electric Charging Lift, Iron Foundry
Casting a Mikado Cylinder

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