Gear Planer & Milling Machines, Motor Shop
Car Section of Motor Shop
Main Store
Bulk Store
Oil & Paint Store
Interior of Oil & Paint Store
52,500 gallon Crude Oil Storage Tanks & Pump House
Bar Iron & Steel Storage Racks
Steel Plate & Section Storage
Lifting Magnet at Scrap Reclamation Bins
Wheel & Axle Storage with Locomotive shop at rear
Timber Storage Racks looking north with 1 ton overhead crane
No. 2 Locker, Wash & Mess Room
Interior of No. 2 Locker, Wash & Mess Room
Electric Sub Station & Air Compressor House with Outdoor Transformer Station
Main Switchboard, Electric sub-Station
Main Power Air Compressor - 1,750 cubic ft/min
Dennis Motor Fire Engine - 350 gall/min
Electric Trucks & Cranes for Handling Material
Petrol Tractors & Shop Mules for shunting cars, transporting material etc

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